Put It Down

Heads hang low, pixelated screen emanates the flash on our complexions. We laugh at the screen, shed some tears, force to drop everything on hand within a glance at the screen.

The time we had spent for it was too much, as much as the times spent akin to the atavistic humans gazing into the starry sky at night. This piece of tech has become a necessity, a must in this contemporary, a symptom to an incorrigible disease that is conspicuous, and yet we are as oblivious as ever.

Taking pictures with it before consuming the food on the table; tapping on it in times that are not suitable, disrespectful; peering into it rather than to look around at the happenings of the world; constantly fuddling your pockets, making sure it has nothing important; not saving endangered lives, standing apart, taking pictures with it instead; a form of worship to it, a disgrace that we ought to bear.

Put it down, look around you, relish upon everything around you.

Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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