Nian (Part 7)

The season of reaping had fallen in a heartbeat, the villagers were living their trite life, never breaking apart from the banality. They took my brother’s words lightly, and the time had come, the roar of the hare-like beast and the clamour of calls emitted from another beast- a dragon-horse beast as my brother had described to me, reverberated the village, paroxysms of fear fell upon the villagers, my brother and I were prepared, armed to the teeth, to declare victory upon the beasts.

I was alone at the top of the mountains as I was on a look-out for the beasts, my brother was at another point in the village. Another unwelcoming sound rang the village, it was foreign, it was the third beast, and the final beast as my brother had described. The tawny village was soon foreboded with the trepidation of the unwonted destruction. I prepped myself with the dagger on my hand, sharpened to slice through anything with the maximum impact, making sure that I had my leaf to counter the first beast.

The scheme devised my brother had to be propitious or else we might end up in the pit of nadir. I stood, waited at the top of the mountains for the echoes to wane away, just before the hysterical shouts came out of the village, I pushed my lips against the green leaf in my hands, conjuring a thunderous high pitched sound which culminated to the groaning of a beast in pain. Two other call were followed after, I knew after that I had to run, they were on my tracks as my very breath. I need to, I have to, I must, find my brother to complete the plan.

The trees swept through me in a blurried across me as I sprinted to led those beast who were at my tail to our trap. My brother envisaged that all three beast would be chasing me, apparently, they outwit us greatly. I came into a couple miles of the trap, I saw a figure that looked like my brother, “Gorr… Let’s…” Something was off, the figure had lanky limbs which was not of my brother, a thought struck me, the final beast that was expounded by my brother had no definite shape, he met the final beast with a different form every time he encountered the beast in the other village. I did not stop, nor decelerate, I steered myself off track.

The pair of blood-ruby eyes looked straight into me, ready to pounce on me at any second. I scurried myself up on a tree, they could not climb, I knew it because my brother told me so. I did not stop just yet, I swung from tree to tree hoping to reach the village sooner as I could seek help from my brother. The very vision of the final beast was revised in my mind, there would be no brother in the village, he was at the very foot of the final beast, his chest was still rising up and down intermittently, it was a glimpse, but that was enough to rekindle the hope of defeating the beasts.

Nian (Part 6)

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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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