It had been six months since I last sat in front of the piano, I did not have time, an excuse.

After watching a series of anime- Your Lie in April, the sole reason behind every pianist to play the piano is…

You are the piano. I wanted to have a taste of being a part of the music again. Create the moment that no one would ever forget. The igneous flame in me was yet to be put out, but fanned to reach a new ferocity.

Kousei, the main character of the anime, and I were quite alike, could not hear what we were playing, relying on muscle memory only, a human metronome. But, I had a bigger problem, it was that I could not memorise any score, I was too dependent on them because I could not hear, thus I could not remember.

I pulled out the sombre wooden chair, sat down, placed my hands nonchalantly on the black and white keys, the inferiority of not being to play haunted me, there was no score in front of me, I tried to play, only one song that I memorised by heart was played, soffie la notte.

It was magnanimous, intrigued, enigmatic, mixed, it felt that of meeting an old, abandoned friend. I let myself drown in my playing, I could not play as good as before, my fingers and my wrists were stiff, but once more, I found the reason to play, I could hear clearly to what I was playing, it was in the hopes of her.

Pianist, Fear.


Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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