Nian (Finale)

‘Black powder’ acquired, now a torch. My focus span broke at the moment when the bellows of the tiled beasts shaken the vicinity of the village, my grip on the trees slipped, and I fell a few feet away from the beasts. Thump. Three pairs of livid stares locked unto me. I scrambled on my feet, attempting to run, but the final beast was on me, he pressed his foot unto me, swinging my brother’s sword in an amok manner. I pulled out the green leaf and blew the usual high pitched tone which would try to avert their attention off me.

PWEEETTTT. It rang as deafening as their roars combined. The pressure on me was loosened, I jostled, pushed my way up to a tree, the only safe spot. I regained my composure as the beasts were pummeling themselves on the tree. It was about to tumble, I leaped to the other tree, continuing my way to save my defeated brother.

His apparition was clear, he was still breathing, slowly, strenuously. I stopped to skim my surroundings, I had to make sure that the beast were not close. The coast was clear, I made my way to set up a ploy to put the beasts to a rest. Using my brother as a bait, I knew the beasts would come back and pick up their prey, I scattered the ‘black powder’ around at strategic spots, and held up an unused torch.

The beasts were getting closer, their steps were discernible from the silent forest. I was circumspect, my life depended on this last long shot. The ebony figures of the beasts were visible, their blood-ruby eyes were hunting for their prey, intending to petrify them even before they made a move. Desperation and the undying will to protect my loved brother made my stare even more glaring, more ravishing compared to them. I held my ground as firm as possible.

The hare-like beast attacked first, I stayed below waist length, and blew the high pitched sound, it fell down, contorted into a grotesque fashion, the other two beast were exasperated, infuriated by the sound. I lured the second beast- fire-breathing beast, to spit some fire, and detonate the ‘black powder’ around the area.

BANG. BANG. BANG. The ‘black powder’ exploded upon the beasts. The fire-breathing beast was blew into pieces, but the final beast trudged out of the fire, having third-degree burns, still walking towards me, with the intent to kill. The bedraggled wretch feeling gripped me, my scheme was used up, I ran desperately towards my brother, grabbed him in my embrace as he did to me when I was utterly shattered, hoping to drag him away.

A strong impulse hit me, sending my whole body flying to the nearest tree with high velocity, I felt the bones in me snapped. Blood was all over me, coagulating, making my body sticky and feeble. However, determination surpassed the injuries that I had sustained, I crawled up, speeding towards the final beasts with the puny dagger in my hand. The final beasts slammed dunk me on the floor, the dagger in my hand which was intended to kill it, instead I got myself lacerated, I was bleeding out in an alarming rate.

I got up once more, threw myself in front of my brother, hoping to block away the beast. A shimmer of moonlight shone unto me. The eyes of the final beast was in fear, it backed off as if it had met something more dreadful compared to itself, and started fleeing. I watched it left, dumbfounded, glad that it had set us free.

Gorr… Have hope.” I uttered into his ear, emphasizing that his thread of life was thickening with experience, but it broke in a brusque manner, ending a world in front of my very eyes. He stopped breathing, I hyperventilated, attempting to bash the dagger into my chest to end everything, the reality, once and for ever more.

As I lifted my hands into thin air, a strong arm heaved away my dagger. I saw the sinewy apparition of my deceased brother, mantled in white, angelic, soothing, peaceful white. He smiled the brightest he could mustered, and muttered the word- hope. His apparition dissipated into thin air, giving me a new hope, a fortified determination to carry on his abjured legacy.

Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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