Culture Shock

It was directly after my resignation at the restaurant that I was working at, that place was prosaic, not challenging to my mind, a pittance for my insatiable hunger to learn more. I was writing, my blog, as usual. Mr. Saimun messaged me via Facebook, through my tiny blog page.

Sure. I replied instantaneously, as I was looking for a job.

Monday, then. 

I was on time, he was already pacing back and forth in casual clothes, he did not change much, he was my Physics tuition teacher, a face of an intellect, a fun guy, giddy at times, he was fraternising as ever. He briefed me in, and his pace of working was very fast, I could hardly catch up, even when briefing, there were so many projects on hand, I could hardly grasp what I should do.

My skills are limited, I could not do visuals, I could not make a website, I could not drive, I could not teach, I did not even own a laptop, I was incapable of many things, which put me in a dire spot.

However, I can write, mediocre, I can do Maths, slightly above average. He wanted me to exploit the only things that I had. He gave me a lot of jobs, let me write various forms of writing, other than fiction and factual, it was an inception to me. He also gave me an opportunity to teach, it was about Maths, I did my best to enhance my felicity for Maths, it was a lot of trial and error.

As he believed that I could take on more than that, he let me handle some websites, I was afraid, but there was nothing I could lose, I am here to learn. 

Occasionally, I would be taken along to buy furniture, to go to other centres to help out, and sometimes having a feast, a meal that I could hardly afford was placed in front of me at times. Some of the times, I had to rush my work. Sometimes, it was just a bunch of sitting around in the office. I had to set my own deadlines for my work. I had to make my own decisions. No present pressure, but indirectly. I had to do the things that I can’t. I had a shock, a culture shock.


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4 thoughts on “Culture Shock

    1. Haha, the previous job is indeed tedious. Now, it is more challenging than the previous one. Thanks, I hope you are doing well with your studies also!

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