Setitik Nila

We have the prerogative to speak, to voice out, to hop on the bandwagon, to do anything we want by not crossing any boundaries. We are humans, we have a grey matter that can integrate information, and respond to it accordingly, rationally, not being rash and idiotic, making a fool out of yourselves.

‘MALAYSIA BOLEH!’ Malaysia is a country of bittersweet, the sweet part is the people, the bitter part is also the people. Yes, I am proud to be a Malaysian, but I want to point out those who are the nila that spoil the nation.

Dating back to an infamous case of a Malaysian aunty and her husband raking up a ruckus with the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ). The aunty did not place a parking ticket on her car, resulting the MBPJ police to issue a penalty to her. She got furious, she and her husband took her phone up to shoot a video, threatening the MBPJ police to sully her via social media.

The case got heated up in a few days time, the old couple got arrested and charged, shaming Malaysians’ faces. Do they ever think before they act? Do they even realise their puerile actions are of a three-year-old throwing tantrum in a supermarket? Do they ever consider other nation’s parking ticket rate? It is an utter disgrace.

Another recent case about an girl who is interviewed about her success upon scoring flying colours, 9As, in the SPM exam. The interview is just that of other interviews, she spoke fluent English, she is piquant, she had make-up on her face, which was the main spark of the web ‘bashing’.

Her make-up, about her wearing make-up during an interview, the netizens are throwing hate comments on her, mainly that she was being a slut. No, just no, she put on some make-up to make herself more appealing to the media. The poor victim deleted all her social media accounts, saying that she could not take the hate of Malaysians in her last tweet, the hate of our own kind. What a disgrace.

The main nila in Malaysia is actually the head of it, the majority, the ‘alpha’ beings. The ‘beta’ species in Malaysia, the minority, is no better. We should not classify ourselves as such, by stratum, the Perlembagaan Malaysia is kind of rigged, spelling no equality, but injustice to people, bringing up a generation that would make Malaysia crumble into bread crumbs.

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