The music is thumping along with my heartbeat, steadily increasing. I dance to the rhythm as if nothing ever matters, my thoughts are scattered asunder, not even having the simple cognitive sense, my body can only dance at this point of time.

Stress, burdens, deadlines, reality, dissipate into nothingness. I just want to dance, to dance my heart out. Electronic sounds bring up of the song, invigorating the party rockers in the room.

The beat drops, a pause, a lull, which extended into a caroled sully from the crowd. It is unexpected that the mixer makes such a joke, by not dropping the beat in time.

My heart does not want to dance any more. I slip through the crowd, find myself the exit.

Inhaling the air outside, away from the noisy sounds, away from the congested room, back into reality where everything is cruelly real.

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Put It Down