My Choice

People are taking foundations, A-levels, speed tracking their way in order to get a degree as soon as possible, this is how the Malaysian’s parents’ mindset work. Pushing their child to be better, to be faster, to be the best for their future.

I am not against foundations or A-levels, I envisage the betterment in STPM. A brief perambulation on STPM, the world’s second hardest examination for tertiary level, a longer way to go before entering a university, a riskier way to hike because the syllabus is very, very difficult.

By comparison, STPM needs 2 years upon completion including waiting time for results whereas A-levels and foundations are much faster, saving you at least six months of time and definitely much easier to attain flying colours. STPM is a challenge, a time of moulding of demeanor for a much disciplined personality.

STPM is no joke, no jest, no small feat. You need to put in five times of effort compared to other courses. I choose this route, STPM, because I see that these few years of training is better than attending those courses. Plus, I have to juggle my part-time job and studies in due time, it is going to be a challenge.

People whom I know, successful people, either had taken the hard way, straight accepted by the local universities (mostly ‘alpha’ beings), or the hard way, STPM then getting accepted into a local university (mostly ‘beta’ beings), the Malaysian government set up an efficacious route for us and yet most of us neglect it.

Please stop talking me out of STPM, please stop calling me crazy or stupid or idiot because I had set my heart, my energy to it, nothing can shake it. I am about to embrace one of the major kick-starters in my life.

I trust Malaysia, I trust they will give me the most worthy experience.

Saya anak Malaysia! Saya akan bertungkus-lumus untuk menyelamat negara Malaysia daripada setitik nila yang cuba merobohkan Malaysia. Saya akan mengharumkan nama Malaysia!


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