The path in front of me is paved with obstacles, holes, problems that are made to tumble me down. I surmise that it is going to be straight. No, it is not at all straight.

There are people that are sent to help us, acting as the beacon of light; there are people sent to copy our specialties, stealing our limelight; there are people sent that can be trusted to be partners for life, assisting each other at any predicaments ahead of us; there are people that are sent to create problems, which will let us harness experience and garner wisdom.

When we reach a cusp, we may be blinded, or we may trip upon it unexpectedly, appearing to us in an impromptu manner. If we slipped away from the path that we are taking when encountering the cusp, we might swerve into the pit of nadir, nothing could save us by that time.