Raped, Married, It’s OK.

Malaysia is a country, where people make puerile, absurd, plain stupid commentaries.

This is a statement on a rape case that is said in court by Malaysia MP (Malaysian Parliament)-

…it is OK for raped victims to marry their rapist…

What the… It is definitely not OK to do so. What is exactly going through his pea brain at the moment? What is he thinking? Letting a 9-year-old raped victim to marry her rapist?

some 12-year-old girls were “spiritually and physically” ready to get married…

The Malaysia MP said that based on the Islamic Law, he is saying that based on the Islamic Law, not based on civic consciousness. Has he completely lost his mind? It is bona fide that children who are younger than 16 are allowed to be married once they have the approval of their parents and the religious court. This kind of rigged law system exists.

…at least she will have a husband as a panacea to growing social problems…
perhaps through marriage they will lead a better life…
…the rapist should be given a second chance to turn over a new leaf…


Enough is enough.

Has Malaysia gone to a place of no return?

Stop being so stupid.

Put yourself in the poor raped child spot. If your daughter is one of them, being put into the same situation, how would you feel?


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