Rethinking Humanity

Are we doing the right thing? Are we building the desirable future? Are we treating people the way that we should? Are we thinking straight? Are we still humans?

No. We have swerved way off from our tracks. Modern advancement and technology enhancement are the paradigm shift, the prominent change for humans, leaving vestiges of our basic, fundamental qualities of being a human, of being who we are, of being what we are supposed to be.

What are we supposed to be? A pilot? A millionaire? A cheater? A liar? A homeless? A lesbian? A writer? A teacher? Someone? Anyone? Or should it be just being ourselves. the unique self. Is it that simple? Is it more complicated? Are we overthinking?

Yes. We are bornt in places, with people that surround us, influencing us into becoming who we are now. Some started combating physical losses; some with poverty; some with abuse; some with war; some with riches; some without parents; all with a sole purpose to live. We are bornt into this world to live.

Are we bornt into this world to live? Or to suffer? To face challenges of life that shanghaied us to take our lives, our very lives? To enjoy the delirious ecstasies of drugs? To be bound by the three major temptation?

Sex, money, and power. All these attributes are in the best Hollywood films. We love to indulge ourselves in these three aspects. Once we have or crave for one of those, we are tantamount to forgetting about being human, about being ourselves.

Where and when did we actually went wrong? Is it during the introduction of smart phones which turned us into a head-down-worshiping society? Is it after the three major wars? Is it after the invention of nuclear warheads? Is it after the invention of money? Is it after the concept of a leader is pushed in? Is it after we become a slave to greed?

Probable. We lose our heads to greed every single time.

But, wait…

Where is positivity?

Is all hope devoured by negativity?

Think on the bright side.

Have hope.



Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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