United Airlines, Derailed.

The economy class of the airplane was as crammed as ever, it felt as if we were sardins packed in a tin. I need to fly there to see my patient. I chose the closest and the fastest flight to my destination, United Airlines was on my list.

I bought the ticket legitimately, boarded the plane without any distruptance at the entrance of whatsoever. After sitting for a couple of minutes before flying, this happened.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is the head of the cabin crew speaking, we would like to remove 4 passengers out from this flight to accomodate to our 4 cabin crew to fly, we will compensate $1000 for whoever who is willing to get out of the plane.” A lull was promulgated over the economy class area.

I stared at the speaker, wondering how could this happen in the first place. “Anyone volunteer to get out of the plane?” Another silence replied the speaker, “Anyone? Or else we need to choose randomly.”

That escalated quickly, I looked down on my phone, seeing that time was passing, I am running out of time, I need to see my patient. “Okay, since the situation has taken this turn, I would announce the passengers that…” What is this nonsense. I heard my name being called the next instant.

The other three passengers left the plane in acquience. I need to see my patient. I refused to get out of the plane, I sat in my place, I rivetted myself into my seat. “Doctor, please kindly alight the plane, we already offe…”

“No! I need to see my patient!” I rebound recalcitrantly.

“Sir, please comply to our…” he recited it monotonously.

No! I need to see my patient!” I reiterated to the speaker.


“No!” I made my stand clear.

“Call the security. We need to pull this man down of this plane.” His voice was cold, wanting me to get out of the plane. My heart skipped a beat as there were two bulky men walking down the alley, dressed in their uniforms. They want to drag me out of here.

“Doc, we are giving you a secon…”


“Very well…” People were staring at the action that was going to happen, not acting, just sticking out their phones, started to roll the records. “Security. Please.” The atmosphere was stagnant, bewildered by the absurd action taken by the board of the airline. In a caprice, the two securities caught me, my reflexes were not as swift as them, I was overpowered by them, two by one, struggling was the last resort but to no avail.

As I tried to wrestled myself out of their grips, it is impossible, they are going to drag me out, I thought. I cast my muscles to work, to an overdrive, trying to win over their monstrous grip. However, I knocked myself out during the concussion.

I was dragged out of the plane, semi-consciously, I knew I was not their match, letting them drag me out first. Reaching the exterior of the plane, they left me there, laying there, walking away.

Are they still humans? How can they treat me like this? I have everything legitimately, nothing is against the law. How… I crawled into a sitting position, knowing that I have a patient that needed me, I must get back into the plane.

I pushed my way back into my seat. “I need to go home. I need to go home…” I repeated myself as I sprinted to a threshold on the plane that I can hold myself, blood trickled down my cheeks, just kill me… just kill me…

“Just kill me. Just kill me.” A man was handing me napkins, my fears formed into words. Disorientated was I, “just kill me…” my conscience had lost it, the flight was evacuated.

Yes, United Airlines, what you are doing is all according to the terms and conditions that we blindly agree when it just appears to pop up on your screen before purchasing your tickets.

However, United Airlines, do you still have the civic consciousness inside you? He is still a human and a customer with his prerogative. If you insisted, why not try asking someone from the first class instead, why must you start calling names from the economy class? It is hackneyed and idiotic, stupid in other words to have forcefully dragged someone out of the plane.

Violence should not be executed by all means.

United Airlines, fly the friendly skies.
What an utter disgrace.


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Setitik Nila

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