Come on… Come on… I pushed the accelerator to the maximum, my space craft wafted in the void of nothingness, being chased by a few terror bots behind, proliferating as I was maneuvering the space craft.

Come on… Light speed… Please… I jammed a few buttons frantically, hoping the sequence I entered was able to overwrite the system, to let me use the leftover fuel to enter light speed. If I did so, the space craft might not be able to move after travelling at light speed.

Zap! Zap! Zap! the shots were too close.

A few more minutes in front of me were a field of asteroids, if I can shake them off there… but I won’t have enough if I don’t shake them off… I slammed the controls in exasperation, in dejection, in desperation.

The space craft glimmered, vibrating in a vigorous velocity, protruding a ray of hope. I felt my whole system turning inside out, nauseated.

A lull passed, nothing was in my radar, granting me the providential save.


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