The somnolent light glazed my room with a mellow tone, sleeping spores were puffed, permeating the room. I pressed my pillow against my head, trying to surmount my insomnia, battling against the dread of the night that kept me up.

The battle was incessant, from the tick I laid my head on my pillow, waiting for a well-earned slumber after a day’s of hard work, to the minute the sun was peeking through the windows, waving a russet hue unto the room.

Sun was waking up, I was not asleep at all, Sun had a speck of black in his cheeks, an insidious black spot, gradually devouring the his face, Sun was not shining, Darkness slunk into perception, conspicuous as always.

I laid prostrate, pillow on my head, hoping that this would end. Darkness was reluctant to move, I sat up, lit up the singular lamp beside me, emitting the slightest bit of light in the room that was soon engulfed by Darkness.

Please… Let… Me… Have… Some… Rest… I commanded Darkness. The clock ticked and tocked, Darkness soon left, the clock ticked and tocked, repeating a perennial beat into me, shouting, Tick. Tock. Tick.

“Stop!” I sat up, and it was in the middle of the night, staring into the four walls, looking into myself and my insomnia, measuring how long had I been stirring around, not sleeping, and there was Sun again. My night of rest vanished into thin air, I need to face another day without proper rest.


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