Two Sisters

“Hahaha! Tag! Got’ya!” Yvonne crawled over to touch Cadence.

“No! Shrieekkk! You are tagged, sis!” Cadence was not satisfied at all, she tagged Yvonne once they came in contact.

“NO! You are!” the immensity of a puerile fight was about to break out.

“You are!”


“STOP IT!” I shouted, fierce, fiery, intending to end this and grant myself peace.

“You see! You made daddy mad.” Yvonne pointed out her finger to Cadence.

“It’s you, sis! You are the one who…”

It’s no use, they can’t be stopped.


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Love Without Boundaries

Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

6 thoughts on “Two Sisters

  1. Love the way u depicted the true essence of a sibling bond, keep up the good work looking forward to reading more of your writings

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