Gravity was devoid, the atmosphere was pressurised, crushing me into smithereens if I took off this suit. It was a training, we were going to be the fighters of all conditions.

Grueling, gruesome it was, I clenched my fist, bit my teeth to endure all the fortifications implied to my body. My limitless pertinacity persevered my body to carry on this, but my body was shouting, bellowing throes of pain, imploring everything to stop.

Every fibre of my muscle, every cell of my body, wearied, stretched to break the boundaries of a normal human.

Test subject 2442. Incompatible. Dispose. The sirens blared, my vision was covered in red lights.

Beyond subcutaneous, I was ripped apart, bit by bit, I was obliterated. My hands touched the ground, it was opaque, real. Blood gushed out of my body after I lost my heartbeat, succumbing to our very own kind, the insatiable desire for advancement, enhancement, for the future.

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