Once More…

I sat at my usual spot, right beneath the air-conditioner, averse to cold, but it was my usual spot. My fingers rambling across the keyboard, lines of words emerge from the pixelated screen.

She sat athwart my seat, colouring, colours frolicked upon the paper, her waned dark-russet hair shielded her complexion. I could not help it, my hormones, I could fixate my eyes on any woman who were desirable to me.

We broke into conversation about anime, I knew a superficial amount of any anime, I watched them for fun. My mind answered, replied every question she threw at me, riposte, keeping up the conversation was my natural response to her.

Our fist bumped for no reason, I saw her chuckleShit… I’m in this kind of tangled skein again… This is the fourth time perhaps… haih… I’m just done, I may not put in any effort, just to remain as a silent admirer from afar… I have lost the courage to do so.

P.S. April 2017
a random otaku girl who will
become a dust of the past.

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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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