Volcanic Titan Duel

The tirade of the volcano caroled along with the vicious breeze wafting along my undulated march to the apex to meet a titan, a volcanic titan.

Drools of sombre crimson dripping from the mouth of the titan. Profuse sweat, scorching trails, my body was built for this treachery, burning beyond subcutaneous level, yet treading boldly across the field of red hot lava.

My sword which was strapped to my back was tingling, I unsheathed it as something for me to grip to, some kind of threshold to hold back my daunted fears of facing the titan.

The volcanic titan spewed a mesh work of lava coated boulders in the sky, projecting brightly as meteors plunging down to devastate earth. I leapt to the sky, swerving off the boulders which I encountered with my trusty sword, my crystal companion which fended me off countless dangers which were brought to me.

Its eyes were disgorged with dark matter, the immensity of heat that was able to char the substance spilling out from all the craters that appear on its figure. I gathered enough air particles beneath my feet to make a final jump, an irrevocable strike to defeat the titan, a beast that haunted the village for decades.

The titan showed its livid demeanor to me, I curled myself into a ball, spun as hard as possible, storing as much momentum as I could before inflicting the death blow to it. Its volcanic arm swung across me as I barely made passed it. I aimed for the eyes, it had an allayed defence there, only an aperture filled with lave that acted as the last wall of protection to its crux, its heart.

“You small fry, do you think… you had a chance, a sliver of hope to defeat me?” the titan said sardonically, bellowed a hysterical laugh. I trained so much, to defy gravity, to store a force, great enough to defeat a titan, to leave a giant crater in it. I uttered in my mind, ignoring the titan.

As I got closer, I stared fiercely into its eyes, dealing it with a coup de grace, diving my sword and myself into it, killing the titan once and for all, for the betterment the future of the village. I melted myself to suppress the titan, to keep our next generation alive.

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