Two of A Whole

Treading through the valley of death, mellowed by the sombre darkness of the cloudy sky accompanied by the breeze of the dead sky. My bare feet against the ground, after my sandals wore out mid way of my journey to meet someone.

I was cast under a curse, a dreadful one, that separated both of a whole apart a million acre woods away, paved with obstacles, challenges that were prone to knock you out with any chance they could have.

I must get there. No matter what. My heart sounded with the cravings of meeting her, or to even catch a glimpse of her shadow, or somehow breathing the same air as she breathed.

The Higher-Ups banished us in two parts of a different time line, said by the rumours. However, she was just kept in a palace before the valley of death.

My feet were sore, wearied to the bone. I walked for days, months perhaps, I had lost track of time, no food nor liquid had soothed my stomach.

Step by step, inches by inches, I knew I was getting closer to her. The ground ahead of my was pelted with black spikes that camouflaged with the colour of the ground, I felt them when blood escaped through the gaps peeled open by the spikes laying on the floor.

It’s nothing. I must get there. Every march of faith, made me even unconscious, blurried my vision. I closed my eyes, embracing the pain as taking a huge chunk of hope that I would walk straight into her arms.

Pertinacity was not enough, immortality could only be. I ended up floating on white fluffy clouds, she was draped in all-white, glowing resplendently ahead of me. She turned, I immediately recognised it was us, our souls connected once we were close, we were once again, two of a whole.

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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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