March For Science

Homosapiens, human, people, person, or whatever we label ourselves, we are a species, one-of-a-kind. We are special because we have a friend, a rival, a motivator, a troublemaker, a foe, something that is innate in us since the dawn of time, curiousity.

We still have not tamed the livid beast living inside us, it still budges us to do things, to have a breakthrough, to create a brand new frontier, to enhance our lives exponentially, to advance our current science, to discover, to satisfy the hunger of curiousity which puts us here, the current point where our grandparents only caught a glimpse of it in science fiction, in words laced on paper.

Curiousity aside, we also have greed, that has a greater stomach compared to curiousity. Greed has its way to soothe its insatiable cravings. We are bound to both of them, curiousity and greed, that comes hand in hand all the time in order to conjure a portal to advancement.

Greed is a good servant but a bad master, curiousity sticks to us that of a burr, it may seem insignificant, but it bugs us until we get it off. Curiousity acts as a kick-starter for us to venture into different fields, to take the first step into discovering something whereas greed is the fuel that keeps us going, giving us the pertinacity to persevere, to have the endeavour to persist, to break the limits of humans.

Quantum mechanics, maybe a subject studied by PhDs now, in the future it might be a subject learned in primary. Calculus, discovered by Greek mathematicians, developed by Newton, becomes a fundamental to everyone of us starting from high school. How did we get here? Curiousity plus greed.

Trump’s rein in US, a corrupted government in Malaysia, wars breaking lose in Syria, the susceptible crumbling down of the EU, and the potential happening of the third world war, all of them are governed by greed of power, money.

Greed makes us deteriorate, greed shanghaied Mother Earth to suffer from a delusional president whom claim that global warming is not real, not funding the research for green energy, and cutting away all funding for solving global warming. Many leaders of countries also turn a blind eye to research for science, surging all the money to fields that are irrelevant to science.

We are trying to advance, to build a future that can sustain our kind, to further strengthen our species, to establish a modern society. However, some of us, worshiped greed, selfishness, and violence that are the key attributes of pulling us backwards in our journey to a better future.

Therefore, I am with Science, please make Science great again for the sake of us, not wars, violence, corruption, and pollution promulgating the world. I hope that we could unify as one body, calling ourselves humans rather than labels that our countries have given us, and advance, breaking through steel walls that we once thought we could not break through.


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