Faster. Faster. Fa…

200 km/h, 203 km/h, I need to get faster. I shifted the gear once more, the improvised gear box that allowed me to get to the speed of an airplane, but the grip of my racing car was not as good as I expected. I nearly derailed from the first few curves, crashing myself into pieces.

250 km/h, 252 km/h, faster. I wafted across the race track, lost track of the laps that I had taken, my opponents were zipping ahead of me each time I took on a curve. So this is how the world stage looks like. Let me show them my true colours. I shoved my leg to the accelerator as hard as possible, the engine revved lividly, cutting across dozens of vehicles within a few minutes.

400 km/h, 410 km/h, yes, this is what I want. I was ahead of them, my eyes glared on the number of laps that I still had to complete, ten. However, the dilemma struck me, whether to change the tyre.

I chose to ignore it, things started to get awry, the steering was stiffened by the increasing acceleration, 500 km/h, 513 km/h… The odious feeling wrought forth a premonition, a trepidation of peril and death, a scene where my body parts were dislocated, scattered asunder athwart the tracks.

The brakes were professionally controlled by me, difficult it was a prodigious task for me to slow down the vehicle by not losing the brakes, I gave it a go. I tapped rapidly on the brake pad, tempted to just yank up the brake lever, but to come to picture the culmination of that attempt was brutally morbid.

If I can’t get it this time, maybe in the future… No, I must win. I. must. WIN! The clamour of voice resounded in my thoughts, alas, my plethoric ego clouded my conscience, shanghaied my legs to pressure the accelerator. I wafted through the dozen of vehicles, placing myself in the first place once more.

After zipping through the finish line, I could not stop my vehicle, Crap. I drove faster, hoping that the fuel burned out before anything bad happened. Providence had it, the vision came true, I rammed into the wall, my view turned ruby-red, and the sombre darkness greeted me with a diabolical warmth.

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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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