Hi, this is Jessica speaking, if you are hearing this message which means I have other things to do than to pick up your phone, or maybe I just don’t give a shit.

I chuckled in silence, a paroxysm of grief surged the deluge of tears overwhelming my composure, a drop of it rolled down my cheeks, swilled away by her voice.

Haha. Jokes aside. If you have anything important to say to me, leave your voice message, I will probably not listen to it, but do not spam my phone if I don’t pick up your phone. Just wait until I reply your call. 

Darkness slunk into the moon shone sky, the somnolent gaze of it gestured to me that she was gone, it was just a recording, that would not change.

I missed the nights that we spent chatting into the depths of us, and outward to the rising sun, regretting to not have given you the most of my time, neglecting you for the very moment where you were at the brink of death.

Have hope.

“Why do you need to add that line into most of your talks?”

“It’s because I hope that you are hoping to be with me more often.”

Silence paid her respect. I shrugged myself into a demeaning, ignominious position where I crumbled the flower that I had picked up nonchalantly.


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