For seven months, maybe even longer. I kept long hair, eventually I had to cut it off because my mother was nagging me to do so for the past few months. Thus, I cut my hair, it was a relieve but a broken dream for myself.

I aspired to keep a long hair, that of an average girl who could easily pull up her luscious hair into a ponytail. My hairstyles were a little out of hand at times. 14, I cut a box-head, a literal box head, further down the road, I tried undercut, rooster head,Β botak (bald head).

In myΒ final high school years, last year, I attempted to keep a head of long hair. However, the rules were still rules, I managed to keep my hair until it could be fitted into a hair band. That was my inception. The elongated hair was that of a black helmet, hot at times, but it was cool to have to sweep my hair back when it was falling in front.

The second time, it was a few months before graduation, I started keeping it again till about last week, I trimmed it off.

It was a great experience having long hair. I could feel the pain of being a female. It was not fun, it was a sultry experience. When the weather was scorching, it would be nice to have the long hair as a protection, dark and dull surfaces absorbs heat the fastest and releases it at the same rate.

The pain is when the bathing time comes, with short hair, I could finish washing every inch of my body in less than ten minutes. However, with long hair, I used half an hour at least to finish bathing. Not only time consuming, it is going to be very messy because my hair is the worst thing to wash, akin to a tangled skein. It is a must to use conditioner also, and it is a daily routine.

Your head looks like a lion’s mane.
Hey! Einstein!
What the hell, dude, your hair though.
Artistic hair, maybe if you write at times, you would occasionally fling your hair, like swinging your hair ostentatiously.
Compliments, critics, I neglected them utterly. I just wanted to put myself in their shoes. Did not know so many haters were complaining about my hair.

I feel you girls, ladies, women, who have to have long hair due to social norm. But, I realised that some of you have change up the style, having short hair. I surmised that you are feeling as dreadful as I was.

P.S. April 2017
No more long hair.
7 months. End.

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