Urghh… Urghhhh. URGhh breathing with the bated breath, my heart was palpitating irregularly. The searing pain piercing through my stomach, twining up my innards, leaving me a mess on the inside and the outside.

I clutched my stomach as tight as possible, reckoning of other peculiars to divert my pain. Nothing pained me that much, not until yesterday. No, my thoughts were sporadic, nothing was in order.

Mind over matters, mindove, mindovermatters, min… Chanting the slur of lines, hoping that a miracle could fall from the sky.

Pain. It was the only thing that appeared in my mind now. The vicinity of noisiness bothered me none. I sat at the floor, a repose of pain and agony, gripping myself in dejection, despondency as the pain overwhelmed my thoughts.

I slammed unto the floor as a threshold for me to hold on. Silence and the solid concrete floor greeted me with a treacherous smile. Nobody cared, nobody even stopped and offered me a hand.

Control. Your. Pain.

The pain was gone, that of how it came, as swift as lightning. I picked myself up, blushing in the middle of the crowd, and the banal rolled back into its usual form.

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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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