The undulating paths, the vigorous streams, the ravenous mountains, were surmounted by me, a solo ranger, craving to dig up the treasure buried after this course of treachery.

No food, no water, arid air, scorching days, monstrous nights.

Snipped, I was snipped, my DNA sequence changed, as well as my RNA, I was a genetically enhanced human, a monster in flesh.

Enduring through the course accompanied by destitution, I felt nothing, I was programmed to retrieve the treasure after this course.

test subject 331, you are instructed to retrieve the treasure in beyond this map, now transferring the map to you… transfer complete, mission start.

After three days and three nights, this was the first solid piece of memory hanging unto me, I did not have the recollection of whatever that had happened before. I tried but to no avail, it was as if an invisible firewall was built around a peculiar section of my brain, impenetrable, yet chimerical.

I walked, and walked, without knowing the definition of hunger and thirst. At a point after pushing passed my limits, my boundaries as a enhanced human. I crumbled that of a leaf in a sandstorm, convulsed, vomiting blood, ending my life in a snap of finger.

test subject 331, failed.

That was the last words I had heard, a coruscation was replayed in my mind, a fragment of the past, it was two children frolicking in the bright fields, I joined them shortly before my vision turned red. None of the chunks of my memories chose to show up, I was lifted up to the sky.

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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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