David And Goliath Miracle

Eyes on the prize, standing by the aperture of the final fight with my ultimate rival. My palms were sweaty in the boxing gloves, I bit my mouth guard, walked out exuberantly to face my opponent.

He had a swarthy, muscular body. I was small, but sinewy. It was as if I was David, and he was Goliath, a match that was won by the minds, miracles, and hopes. I hopped into the ring that of a bunny, lightly but adamantly, my eyes were fixed on the cash prize which could help me financially. I came to fight for money, in desperation.

The crowd was tumultuous, cheering more for my opponent. I looked him into the eyes, he was as fierce as I was, we were both battling for completely different reasons, but our intent was facsimile, that was to win.

Either he knocks me out in a punch or I pull out a miracle of enduring the barrage of his tirade punches and knock him out. I calculated the probability in retrospect, leading myself to panic.

My pertinacity shrunk as the paroxysm of anxiety rushed through my body, I was pivoted to the ground. The judge asked us to take our grounds, I did not respond at all, I stood there without any stance of action, I panicked, overthinking about everything.

CLING! The chime reverberated the hall, a sucker punch was thrown straight into my face, sending me swirling in the air, plunging into the cold hard ground of defeat.

“THREE!” the judge announced, the agony… I thought.

“TWO!” I panicked, but… He stood there raising his hands, celebrating. His back was bare, defenceless, without any aegis. This is it.

“ONE…” I sprung to him, everyone did not have the reaction time quick enough to see me make my move. I removed my gloves, panned my right hand into a knife shape, reducing the surface area, increasing the pressure that I was going to exert on the deadliest points of the body, the terminal of chakra flow. Mustering all the energy I had, surmounting my panic, I landed the coup de grace to him, snatching away the prize from his hand instantaneously.

“THREE. TWO. ONE!” This countdown was for him.

“Nev… er” I gasped for air, “… lo… ok… ba…ck”

The judge raised my hand as a gesture of victory, the crowd reveled in a tone higher, in bewilderment upon another David and Goliath miracle.

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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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