Work Hard.

I was putting on my shoes when it was the red light, the handbrakes were pulled, the semicolons on the digital clock was blinking as every second passed. 7:30 A.M. Late again. It was just the first few days of school, and there was my bad habit kicking in, always being not on time.

Pulling over, I bide my mum goodbye, rushing into the so-called college where students, us were forced to wear smart casual, which meant long sleeves button down shirts, long pants, shoes. It was as if I was back to primary where everything just turned into a nightmare, an abyss for peril worse than a nightmare.

A year and a half, how the fu… vulgarities aside, I marched into the ‘college’ gates, the teachers held me back, asked me to jot down my name as I was late. Yes, I was back into a school rather than a college.

I reckoned that this Form 6 (synonymous to a diploma or foundation just ten times harder) life would be a freer life compared to my high school life. Apparently, that was not the case. Smart casual, short hair, co-curriculum, and the towering syllabus. Everything was not as I had imagined, I thought the teachings would start as soon as I stepped in first day. Hell no, the ‘college’ decided to have a 10-day orientation, hackneyed, absurd, crazy at the same time.

Today, was the third day, I tuned out for most of the talking sessions that were not crucial , pain two hundred percent of attention for the things that mattered to me. The 90:10 ratio was academics to co-curricular activities. The education ministry made it as such to make us suffer more.

I would summarise, simplify everything in point form, put on your seat belts and prepare for it:

  • 90 : 10 system, academics to co-curricular activities (koko)
  • koko, need to attend every Wednesday and Thursday after school until 1550 hours to get a bare minimum mark, that is 68 out of 100.
  • academics, you imagine about how hell hole is, that is your syllabus.
  • academics is split into termly syllabus (80%) and course work (20%)

Dizzy yet? I am not even half way through.

Syllabus, heavy, very. Minimum four subjects, either arts or sciences, you must be a book worm in order to score A (the highest grade).

Parents please do not beleaguer your child’s choices, your child needs to be at their best at their subjects to even have a long shot in getting A. For me, I am good with numbers, that is why I  have chosen the Science package with Physics.

Be mindful, your child only has a shot at this, if you made them fuck up with their choices by proposing in a parochial mindset that Form 6 Science students are way better than others, you are wrong, straight up inane, everybody has their own desire, do not choose for them as they have their own prerogative, influencing them with your selfish thoughts, you would literally just fucked their future up, and making them hate you for the rest of their lives.

Blabbering aside, let’s continue:

  • 80% is split into another three parts that means three semester, three exams.
  • 20% course work is done randomly by the respective teachers, that means absence in school is strictly prohibited.

Basically, you need to be a heavy ‘college’ dweller in order to score flying colours.

Four flat, they said, that means scoring all As in all four exams with a CGPA of 4.0. It sounded more like fall flat. 

This Form 6 thing is my choice. I chose this route, I am going to make it, either I fall flat or four flat on my fucking face. This is the time to work hard. Only hard work is able to stop bullets in mid-air, like in the Matrix.

Foot note:

free things always come with a certain payment.

There is one more thing, MUET, haha, a heaven and earth compared to IELTS or TOEFL. I decided to pull out some cash to get myself an IELTS or TOEFL because the MUET is more restrictive than IELTS or TOEFL.

The only perks I could only think of taking Form 6 is to be disciplined, to work hard, and it is extremely low-cost.

A balance needed to be struck between my new work and my study choice, it is going to be hard. But, I trust that where there is a will, there must be a way.

Hope that everything goes well.

P.S. May 2017
Admission to Form 6
Signing myself a hell o’ a ride for a year and a half.


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Sorry if my writing are a little sporadic these days, I have too much to juggle.
It is an excuse.
I hereby apologise on not posting any series, and having shit style of writing these days.
I’m working on a series and it would be up in a week or so.

Have hope.

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