Not Dodged, Embraced.

After three classes back to back and a plate of mamak fried rice, here I was with Desmond arriving at a futsal court in PJ.

My mind was fuzzy, wearied in many ways, I was not in the mood of having any sports. But, it was with my colleagues, it could be made as an exception.

As usual, everyone of us were rushing from a place to here, late. Everyone was excited, but my tiredness overwhelmed me. Desmond was our captain, and our team was imbalance, very.

With Khing and Gabriel, two guys who went to gym relatively often, giving us an upperhand compared to other teams. Amber was the organiser of this event, she professionally sorted this out, even asking some coaches to lead us throughout the event.

“The main thing is to not get hit by the ball and don’t cross your line.” That was the only words I got from the coaches. “… And you can use the balls as a defence.”

Rules were as simple as playing football but it was challenging. My initial reaction, natural response was to get the ball in contact with my body, stopping it and kicking it. It was a challenge for me to surmount my actions.

The first game, the sprint began of fetching our team mates with dodge balls which were laying at the middle separating line. I prepared myself, a ball was handed to me, it was soft, light, and the size of a cannon ball, I launched it to my opponent using the technique of me when playing as a goal keeper. it did not work, it flew too high. It was not my role of being a goalkeeper kicking in, it should be something else, something new.

Dodging, launching, falling back, repeating.

I got knocked out quite fast because I was standing just a few steps behind the separation line. And I was terrible at catching balls, even when I was a goalkeeper, I just simply deflect them by instinct using any part of my body, that was how I got disqualified so easily.

Putting it blandly, dodge ball was not my game, I was even worse at it compared to playing basketball. I did my best, dodging, catching, maybe I was not, because I was not into it.

The first two hours was group matches played by six per team, occupying half a futsal court. The second half was a princess game, it was as if playing a guessing game of predicting who was princess, we had lots of fun, there were teams out by the first shot launched, there were teams that lasted longer.

The last game was last man standing. It was breath taking, Khing was our ace, Ivan was our wild card, Gabriel was just blurting random stuffs around, just being loud as usual, and I was just standing there waiting to be knocked out as usual. I was just bad at playing dodge ball.

At the end, the boss, Mr. Saimun distributed cash to the dedicated people of the organisation, and proposed the next plan, a bigger plan than previous times, a bold step. I was confused and convinced at the same time. But, I just tagged along, trying to understand everything and anything that was done by the people in this organisation.

Kenny was the man, he fetched me home, and belanja me dinner at the A&W where everyone of us was heading (it was planned, a change in plans) near midnight. We talked in desultory, touching some life issues, and things from here and there as he drove me home. Thanks to him.

A big shout out, and I can say this is a blessing for me, for us, all of us who works under Mr. Saimun. What a time to be alive, witnessing the advancement of Science and technology, and a man who is ambitious, very.

P.S. May 2017
Dodgeball with VBest

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