Claustrophobic, the matt white walls towering on both of my sides, it was tight, just nice for me to walk through. The walls came in contact with my skin, something’s wrong, I thought, I’m going to be a mesh pile if I don’t… I broke into a sprint for the front, insensible about the direction that I was heading.

Move! My mind was slower that my fight and flight response by a beat. My heartbeat was chastened by the fact that I was going to become a meat pile if I did not run faster. Where’s… the… end…? Hiccups in my thoughts, shortage of my breath, I still persisted to run.

The walls closened unto me, intending to squash me, I pressed on even I had to run that of a crab, I was shanghaied into this condition, what is happening? Profuse sweat, palpitating heartbeat, save me… anyone…

Foot by foot, turning into inch by inch, I crawled my way out, an infinite abyss greeted me with his darkest grin. I grabbed hold of myself, regaining my balance with the white wall behind. There was nowhere to go, I made my way to the left, fearing that a slip of my legs would lead me to my death.

“Test subject 331 has got out of the map. Bring him in.”

An aperture opened behind me as I was creeping my way left, I fell back unto the cold hard ground, towered by those white walls once again. I pressed my palm unto the white finishing on the wall, not moving. I looked ahead, there were branches of paths, 7 in total, my head made a mental remark.

The aperture disappeared, an elongated path was conjured behind me with the same number of paths in front of me.

Thummmm. A bellow of an old machinery echoed of the walls, I picked myself up and run. Catching a glimpse behind me, a humanoid was sprinting towards me with a monstrous figure.

run. My life depended on me solely. left. right. straight. left. right. Is that thing gone yet? The monstrous figure was a clear no to my question. another turn. left. righ… It was a straight route. A couple of seconds later, it became a dead end. shit.

The monstrous figure was on my tail, I turned, petrified by his livid face, scarred by gruesome foes, bloodied by his dead preys, I’m next.

There was nothing in the vicinity, unarmed, defenceless. The beast was clumsy but swift, the fact that he caught up to me had proven that fact. It unsheathed its red gleaming sword, ready to kill on sight.

Throwing a bare fist into his face was out of choice, but my intuition was a step ahead of my cognitive senses, my hand swung and landed on the scarred complexion of the beast.

“Interesting. Test subject 331. Pull him out.”

I was sucked into the beast, and everything turned black, engulfed by darkness.

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