Suspended, weightless, I felt as if I was nothing, only existing for the sake of existing. I floated haphazardly, without feeling anything. my field of vision was fixed at a particular frame of reference, a bunch of ones and zeros, sporadically appearing and disappearing, akin to a field of matter and anti-matter cancelling out each other simultaneously.

The ones and zeros were synonymous to clouds, having distinct patterns, foreboding and  foreshadowing an enigma at the same time. An apparition of terraforming brushed passed my eyes, a figure of zeros and ones was hovering above it.

It looks like Earth. “Yes, it is what you are thinking.” it was a distorted multi drone voice. You can… “Shut it, you are the same, homosapiens, a disgusting mind in flesh.”

I did not feel any anger nor compunction, I felt nothing. “We need to extract the feelings in you to make you perfect.” I noticed his mouth when speaking, that thing is not speaking English but… “It is because your feelings are gone, I can cram in as much information as we could…”

The zeros and ones of the terraform was gradually turning red, the sirens went blaring out of nowhere, notioning a wave of danger, I felt no rush, just nothing. “Let’s not waste anymore dark matterism,” time, and a higher dimension property, preeminent. “Haha, to destroy, or not?”

Yes. What the… “Launching Sequence, Invasion Pink.” How… Why…. The terraform turned pink instantaneously, “Survivors zero, final.” My thoughts were asunder, I still could not comprehend whatever that was happening, “Thanks to you, your Mother Earth is out of the way.”

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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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