Sporadically spread sombre clouds, darkening the vicinity of the blood bath. too many criminals, only one executioner… I thought. “NEXT!” the guards dragged a bald guy, he was not shanghaied in any way, he was wearied to the bone, not wanting to live anymore.

I wonder… what was his crime… I was not disclose of any crime that the criminal conducted to negate my heart of wavering from my duty, my responsibility, killing people were nonentity to me, people who might be innocent, people who might have succumb to evil.

My ground on the scaffold was never tumbled by anyone, I unsheathed my bloodied axe, held it in arm’s length, gleaming with the appalling, odious unknown cruelty. The guards laid the bald man, he was on his knees.

His cleaned shaved head was reflecting the dwindling light. The guards fell back down the scaffold. Let’s make this fast, and clean. I thought, I raised my axe into the sky, ready to kill.

My senses tweaked, his complexion was facing me, a dead man, a lost soul in an empty shell. His eyes were sockets of nothingness, his mouth was wide opened as if screaming for justice. Deliberately, his head rolled down the scaffold, my actions surmounted the qualm that was going to hit me like a truck.

I dropped the axe, and started crying.

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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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