Last Resort

Carving my name into my arm, as a signature before I dive into another reality. Having the ability to dive was a label of destruction, a destiny of broken realities, and the propensity of being hunted by the inter-dimensional beings, a group of homosapiens who were in the same boat as me governed by a rigged head.

Piercing my fingernails into my forearm, a norm before the dive, the pain was deliberate, stinging yet still an obscurity to me. Is this a blessing? Or a curse? I laughed at the endless debates in my head that would lead to an empty conclusion.

Three apparitions appeared behind me, “You can run, but you cannot hide.” they loaded their disc-like blasters, those weapons were used to transfer them to a particular spot, conjuring a mini black hole, and destroying an entire reality at the same time.

“I guess I’m done…?” I lifted my hands into the sky, with a knife on my carotid artery. “Farewell, fu…” a hand clasped me from the back, releasing my grip on the knife, “you again!?” I scowled into his blank sockets, perplexity did not hit me, a sense of victory slunk into me.

I forced myself to the ground where the knife was, severing myself, but changing the DNA sequence in me indelibly. This is my last resort. My mind went blank and shrouded in darkness by the precipice of death.

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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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