I stood singularly in the snow, a mere blizzard, where my vision was filtered with white dainty snowflakes, dancing in elegance, wafting across me swiftly. Waiting for the bus back home, no earbuds attached, no pixelated screen distracting, I screened through the surrounding as if searching for the lost fondness to it.

Conjuring at the corner of my eye, a fair, deliberate sweep of the strands of luscious blonde hair that she got, the sparkling deep sea eyes, and a collected sensation of her. My attention was riveted to her, all of it. She was the rare gem that a treasure hunter would hold dearly, having the best imaginations with her.

Inertia knocked me off-balanced, she raised up from her threshold, the repose of beauty. She walked to the exit, the wind was on point, gently brushing her blonde hair, depicting the inner pristine demeanor of her.

She looked back, and our gaze interlocked, her deep ocean of uncertainties, the hollowed heart of mine; her blonde and her beauty, intertwined with my utmost unprecedented attention.

“Remember the first time out eyes meet?” she said nonchalantly.

I chuckled, “definitely.” softly, I whispered into her ears as her head was on my bosom, syncing both of our heartbeats, both worlds merged as one, into a singularity of significance, remaining a farce in my head of how we met in the first place.

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