The soothing water cascaded into my shoulders, leaving me with a numb sensation. I sat cross-legged, under the waterfalls of the Amazon, a majestic place where my escape plan was made true, but a mishap happened, my soul was not utterly released from the treachery.

I took a deep breath, relishing, cherishing every single ounce of oxygen that was available. Some water entered my nose, the abominable reminiscence rushed into my lungs, deluging my thoughts about the torture, the pain, the suffocation, the extend of sadism that humans owned.

“Speak. John.” He shoved my head into the basin of overflowing liquid, it was a viscous fluid, not water. BLRURURURULLP. I was fighting back to no avail, their force towered over me as they starved me for days before even interrogating me. “Tell me what I need to know.” his voice was solemn, distorted in my hollowed mind.

He lifted my head up, giving me intermittent gasps of air, I breathed, the sweet, ephemeral relief. With his strong grip, he pushed me into the basin once more, crashing my head unto the walls of the steel basin, my head cracked, I tasted my own blood diluting the liquid that would eventually be my deliverer of death.

My head quivered violently as a gesture of my final instinct to danger, his grip firmly suppressed me against the walls of the steel basin. I sent a coup de grace into his groin, I did not know what to expect after my action, regaining my consciousness, a surge of adrenaline rushed through my bloodstream, strengthening my will to live on, the light at the end of the tunnel was more prominent.

Everything happened swiftly, he fell to the ground from my powerful kick, three other antagonists were pointing their guns to me. I crouched, swept them off balanced, the bullets wafted through the air, missing me by inches. Mustering every ounce of my energy left in my body, I ran to the only escape my eyes caught, the exit door.

It was a mistake. I should have taken them out first. A bullet went through my stomach, puncturing a hole right through it. My pain receptors went berserk, haphazardly sending contingent signals to my brain. My will to live overshadowed the pain, the blood.

I slammed the door behind me shut. Buying me some precious time to hide. A huge bet that I was placing on my life. As I ran, my leg sank into a bog, miring myself into safety. Without taking any deep breaths, as soon as I heard the door flung open violently, I dived to my safety.

Please… Make them go away… I pleaded to Him, the only one that came into my mind in life-threatening times. Seconds passed, the dead silence was not present. One minute, the sound was still there, two minutes, it was lingering about the place. Three minutes, silence, the dead silence. My lower part of my body was cramped as I pulled myself up using my hands.

Gasping for air, I pressed my hands against my wound, it was odious, cakes of blood stuck on my palms. I crawled, westwards, not knowing where I was heading. I was hungry, tired, bleeding. My thoughts were silent, not wanting to split any additional energy for thinking, holding close the hope to live on.

Unmoored from my past, I stumbled upon a secluded tribe, a shimmer of hope reverberated in me. The men held me up, speaking gibberish, I was semi-conscious. They lifted up their spears, wanting to seal my death. A figure with wavering hair, blocked me, acting as an aegis to my wearied soul.

“Hey!” she shouted across the waterfall. I picked myself back from the flashback, and fell into the water. She jumped into the water, and we were frolicking in the waters as if we were lovers made in first sight.

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