Darkness shrouded me in a dystopia of nonentities who moulded, controlled, and shaped the future, a sombre, murky one. I sat cross-legged with the macbook on my lap, cruising through codes which were prone to detonate a ruckus around the world.

It was day 500, reaching two years in this computer. My parents were gone since I was young, I had to depend on the government for extra income, but my new skills that I honed had gotten me more than enough cash to sustain a simple living. I no longer depend on the government because I wanted to take over the world by brute force.

The past few years, ransomware was just a tip of the iceberg that we hackers could conduct, we could really screw up the world if we wanted to. I craved for such power, I hoped that my days were not spent for nothing. I released the malware worldwide, in the next few moments, I got access to every single electronic devices connected to the internet.

I test ran it with the radio that was someway connected to the internet, it exploded into piece when I commanded it to so. Second test, my phone, I played some songs, and made it burst into pieces. It works. Now the world. With a click on the keyboard, my doings were in the heads of newspapers, dropping a catastrophe to the adrift world.

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