Pray For Manchester

It is dismal, pure sadness to witness such a tragedy happened once again in a place on Earth at such short period of time. I would like to dedicate such a post to the terrorists who is planning for the next terror attack, please wake up, you are destroying worlds.

“How’s the concert, dear?” the serenity of the mother asked her daughter.

“Ariana is the queen, I love her, mum.” the daughter said in an unfettered tone due to overloaded happiness, “Thank you, mum!” she kissed her mother on her cheeks, and embraced each other, oblivious about the very next heartbeat.

One world was destroyed, lacerating the other; the daughter did not survive the blast, the mother scraped through with her dear life. However, the mother was devastated because she had lost a world, her very own princess.

“Why… why does this happened?” the 18-year-old super fangirl spoke as she was laid beside her mother in the hospital.

They were both rushed to the hospital after the devastation upon the Manchester Arena, both did not survive, two more worlds destroyed. Based on the sixth degree of separation, the number two is not a mere number, but a huge deal.

“Ariana is the best!”

“Totally, her vocals rocked the arena…”

boom. “AHHH!” they shrilled in terror, they were all harmed by the impact created, “WHAT IS HAPPENING?”




Chaos set out as if a herd of wild horses running asunder in every directions. People were afraid by the shock. People were hurt. You have scarred thousands of worlds in a shot.

from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry, i don’t have words.

(from Ariana Grande’s tweet)

Indeed, I have no words for you, terrorists. Wake up. Violence should not even exist, terror should not be catapulted to innocent people.

Look how many worlds you have decimated? Have you not a spark of decency in you?


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21 thoughts on “Pray For Manchester

  1. The amount of times I have waited in that very lobby for my daughter… it doesn’t bear thinking about. You have a gift with words, never stop writing!

  2. It seems no place is safe in the world now… Everywhere are those demons killing people😭😭 Sad but true. What we can do are to be cautious

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