Fair Lady

His slender fingers across the black and white keys, the grandiose feelings that her poured into the strings bringing the crowd into a swing of emotions. The audience have their ears pinned to his melodious notes, lacing themselves into a wondrous sonata, a picturesque yet quaint sight to witness.

The resplendent sombre glow of the piano illuminated the room by the spotlight shinning down on him, he was the pianist whom I wanted to meet since I fell in love with his deft piano skills.

I indulged, dwelled in his pieces of art, performed by his magical grace upon the blacks and the whites. Tarrying in his art, I sprinted to the back stage with the pass of meeting him in my chest, scurrying to meet my inspirational pianist.

The line was long, I queued up patiently, making sure my dress, my breath, my hair was well kept. Having my turn, I was speechless when he stood before me, “Lady, don’t be afraid,” he brushed my hair to a side to reveal my complexion, I did not have any make-up on, “Wow… You are a fair lady.” Not even a hint of sardonic tone. I nodded and we took a picture together. He slipped me his phone number on a piece of small paper, “call me.” he whispered. Love me, my heart replied ravishingly.


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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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