War Torture

tong. tong. tong. tong. The intermittent gasps between sweet silence were meagre, tong. tong, tong, tong. perennial it was, I had to deal with the clatters of cacophony.

I was chained to the cold hard ground as a war victim, there was nothing in the room except the hollowness that was prominent in the room. tong. tong. “MAKE IT STOP! FU…” A deluge of water poured from above which was tinged with slight acid, stinging me subcutaneously.

“no swear words.” the monotonous voice that warned me for the thousandth time in a day. The pertinence in me waned away with time. wait… tong. tong. What and when is time. tong. tong. How long does this hell lasts? My thought were completely hindered by those repetition of sounds.

tong. tong. Approximately 80 beats per minute. I analysed the period of the sound. My nerve was getting out of hand, “SHOW YOURSELVES! YOU F…” The shower of acid poured unto me this time was a much stronger one, it scraped away some of my skin. ” ARGHHH!!! YOU FU…” A splash of alcohol stung my face.

“I hate swearing.” the monotonous voice came from a bulky man, a chief in commander based on his tags, in a strong Russian slang, “Tell me. Your secrets.” He pinned a gun on my head. The metallic head was against mine, it was loaded to kill me anytime.

“You can’t kill me right?” I taunted him, ” I have the info…” he shifted his gun downwards BANG! A drench of acid showered upon me once again, “AARRRGHHH!!!” it was my throes of death.

“I can kill you.” his monotonous tone rang in my ear, “when I want to.” he walked away, dissipating into thin air. An object hard as stone was flung at me, it was a mouldy tough bread, it was my hope of surviving.

I bent down to lick the cocktail of liquid on the floor, tearing pieces of the bread for me to chew on, a mere hope that I held on to keep my life on, hanging on a thin thread to life that would snap at any moment.


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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

6 thoughts on “War Torture

  1. It sure was intense, but that’s what made it more interesting. Love your style of writing, and great story! What you post to your readers is exactly what I’ve been searching for throughout the WordPress community. You definetely deserve my follow!

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