Cring… Crank… Cring… Stumbling from the chains that restricted my limbs’ movement. “Move.” The guard nudged me with the butt of his rifle, his deep imperious tone exasperated my feelings. Do I have anymore feelings?

“Haha…” I chuckled at the reality, the veracity of my thoughts, “HAhahahhaha” and burst into laughter, bending myself into the cold soul-trapped grounds of the death roll.

“Move it, maniac!” he shoved his leg up into my ass, prostrating me with great impulse without a spark of mercy.

My laughter was unfettered, even louder as if the throes of the reveling hell swarmed the vicinity. “You assholes…” Sudden silence. Cringgg… I swung the chains on me to hit the guards, leaving them unconscious.

“Freeze!” a swarm of guards appear from the front and the back, wreathing me into a surrendering state. However, I managed to loosen the chains from my right hand, making my left hand a scourge. Crankkk… The chains from my right hand fell unto the floor, momentarily no response from both parties.

I decided to make a move, whirling the chain into a tornado, deflecting the bullets that they fired at retaliation. No aegis is too great. I dropped myself unto the floor to surrender, ” STOP! I GIVE UP!” I uttered this phrase and a prayer under my breath, help me God, all of light turned dark.

“Mr. John. You are deemed to be acquittal to this case.” in the solemn voice of the judge. “You are a free man now.”


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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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