My dense glasses, my acne-filled complexion, trembling in my knees, the fear of walking out of the school’s gate. they are waiting for me. The terrifying thought haunted me immensely, infuse great fear into me. I did not do anything wrong, why are they after me? This question boggled my head for a time, three long years.

“You there!” Three bulky ebony boys stood in front of me, rocking those one-eighties, towering me with an overwhelming austerity, curving their mouths in a sadistic manner.

“Hey…” the voice was as sinister as ever, leaving the air pervading with the familiar pang of danger. They swung their bats unto their palms, gesturing to me that they were going to execute violence against me.

I attempted to turn and run away from the trio, not athletic was I, a swing from their bat managed to send me prostrated, kissing the tarred-covered ground.

stop running. I raised both of my arms in surrender, “I give up.”  I said meekly, ” can we just be frien…” before mustering a full genuine smile, a swing knocked my head to the ground.

“Stop hitting me! Stop hitting me! Stop…”

May God bless them, I did not move a single muscle, nor made the effort to fend off their attacks.

Pain, hatred, revenge, every negativity filled me. I threw myself into them, “Pip- squeak, show us what you got.” Taunting me as he caught me in the air, “Look at those little legs struggling to break free.” Lifting me up in the air, “Have some protein, scumbag.” They spat unto me, and flung me into the bin next to them.

“Can.. we just be… friends?” the veracity of my smile and invitation was the best I could do. “Can… we…” I grabbed hold of one of their legs, “Just…… be…… friends……?” Maintaining my smile although pain was all that I felt from their virulent kicks unto me. “Can we…” He shoved me away, walking away, grumbling bad words unto me.

I was bullied again.

No. That was a past statement. I was never bullied again.

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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

6 thoughts on “Bully

  1. Your writing is powerful. ‘Sir’ did you a great service, and you seem to have responded with gusto, and without self-defeating self-consciousness. Your strong spirit is clearly displayed in this encounter with bullies. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

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