The staleness of the air, the intensity of the atmosphere, everything in here was draining the very soul out of me. “Do you realise you’re one step closer to hell?” a sinister drone by the artificial intelligence. “Look around you. Your comrade is well dead, and you want to take me out single-handedly?”

I was in the prime storage of all data, that was underground, never in space because it was still vulnerable to attacks from outer space, building it beneath the ground provided the best shield with the minerals of the Earth. The place was dingy, claustrophobic, cramped walls, it appeared that storing data needed not much modernisation because there was an artificial intelligence guarding it.

The screen flickered to life, signalling to me about the impending perilous torture that I was going to endure as my partner, the artificial intelligence had been improving itself for decades, and it was improving with the speed of light, harnessing knowledge and information to make itself more brutal than humans were.

The threshold of my ground soon trembled under my knees, I quivered in fear as of the scene of the torturing that was executed upon my partner. NOOOOO!!!! ARGHH!!! SHRIIEKK!!! The shrills of throes of my partner still resounded in my mind, I was losing it to insanity and fear. “How’s the trauma?” the computer flashed.

Burying myself into my lap, shrugging into a cocoon of fear. Intermittent coruscation of red and gore lapsed in my thoughts. The blood trickled from her eyes, she was not dead, “eat it, you bitch!” an invisible force shoved her eyeballs into her mouth, “How does it taste like for having the intention to kill me?” 

“Hahahaha.” the artificial intelligence was sardonic. “How do you want to die? Slowly or fast? Or choking on your body parts? Or…”

“Shut it!” I screamed but my sound was squeaking.

“Are you serious?” the artificial intelligence burst into a sadistic laughter.

I pulled out a device that would release a shock wave strong enough to kick away one of the electrons in the helium atoms. SHROOMM. The room was filled with a majority of hydrogen. The equation needs a buffI snatched the plasma lighter in my partners pocket, charged it to the maximum, “Hasta la vista.” 

“NOOO!” the droned voice was consumed by the explosion, annihilating the threat of mankind that we had created with our hands.

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