“I’m going to be slightly late because I took the wrong turn.” my mum spoke to my over the phone, I was at the MRT train station after finishing up my job of teaching.

“Nevermind… I just reached.” 20 minutes before. I laughed away, and said goodbyes, shutting down my phone as it had reached three percent. People were waiting, staring at their phones as if there was something more important on line, I kept my eyes peeled on people and their demeanor.

It is indeed a queer habit for me to study other people’s behaviour, and wondering about the faculty of thoughts round and round about seemingly uncertain aspects of life.

There was a little girl, ebony, dressed in blue, long hair, ran to the edge beside me, the road was ahead of us. She stood, her hands were lifted up and gesturing to someone about something. It was the bus, and her mum, they were in a hurry as the night deadened by the second.

The little girl knowing nothing of danger, just wanting to halt the bus for their ride, she marched forwards, raising her hands. The bus driver, bald, wearing an orange spectacle, dedicated to his job, he stopped the bus in the middle of the road where he was not supposed to stop, flinging open the doors of the bus, the duo hopped in the bus, the mother frantically searched for money in her bag. They sped away as just.

Maybe there’s still hope in humanity, we are kind, when we are not selfish. When we are oblivion, maybe we are good Samaritans, then world peace could be achieved.

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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

3 thoughts on “Minutiae

  1. Just a comment on your Category: Relatable Have you checked that out on your Reader? Is it actually a valid category? And Word Press says after fifteen tags, their Spam checkers toss your post out as Spam. I’ve never checked this to be sure, but advise keeping the total # of Cs & Ts below 15 just in case.

  2. Yes, there still are a lot of good people in the world. All the rescue workers that rush in during and after a disaster to help the wounded, all the pastors and counsellors that help the bereaved to get through their grief. It’s so sad that some people have found so much anger, violence and hate in their own little world, so they lash out in anger to destroy others.

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