The droning sound resembled the uncanny appearance of them. I hid behind those couches, hoping they would be gentle with me this time. The house, shelter, was not locked nor secured because my parents were in debt with them, and succumbed to their blades prematurely, they were coming for me every single day until they have their money back.

Darkness wreathed the vicinity of the house, the somnolent moonlight acting as little torches that glowed in trying times. They slammed open the house, “Jannah! Get your fucking ass here! I want the money that your half-assed parents got from me!” A cacophony of footsteps followed along.

“Jannah! I am not going to count anymore! You are not going to hide your sorry-ass away from us!” the lackeys chuckled in assent. What can they exactly get from me? I don’t have the money. “Come on! Don’t waste out fucking time! If we catch you…” his voice was hinted with lust, “you are going to be our horologist.” they snickered along.

Shit! One of the towering guys grabbed the hem of my skirt, ripped it apart, shoved me into the couch nearby. “Guys. I think we have a treat for ourselves tonight.” his sinister low voice was tinged with insuperable lust. I stared at my bare bosom, and the five men that were standing in front of me. They were unzipping their trousers, exposing their genitals to the air.

“I am not into kids.” one of them strolled out of the house.

“Keep your eyes peeled, Carl.” they commanded him, “We have some business to settle.” they approached me with their bare bottoms, I could not see anything clearly, and could not even think clearly.

I was scared, I did not do anything wrong, “STOP! PLEASE! I COULD GIVE YOU A PORTION… erghh! ….erghh!”  Three long sticks were stuck right up my bottom, not knowing how many were in at a point.

Which portion do you wanna give, little girl?” the voice haunted my thoughts, a flabby long warm object was thrust into my mouth, I did not have the energy to bite it. Four long objects were thrusting in and out from me incessantly, it was painful, as if something was tearing my head and my legs apart.

erhgghh… erhghggg… sto…. erghh… erhhh…”  I was showered with hot semen by those miscreants, they sprayed their impurities on me without any compunction but filled with lust, the yearning for sex.

I was helpless, pain was the only thing in my mind, “Kil… erhgth… kill… erhghhh… ME!” they did not listen at all, time was passing slowly, they licked my body, caressed my bare breast, shanghaied me into pool of semen, humiliating my future self, destroying my soul in an iniquity.

“COPS!” the one from the outside shouted. They scrambled, putting their pants on, turning away from me.

“We will come again next time.” they slapped my ass, gesturing their evil marks. Craing! PANG! PANG! A few shots of bullets zipped through the house, they escaped as the fire ceased.

An officer walked into the vicinity, “We are too late.” he exclaimed when he saw blood flowing out of my vagina, and my physique was bruised badly. “Let’s get her to the hospital, and find her a new home.” he summoned the ambulance and sent me off.

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5 thoughts on “Rapists

  1. I love your writing style. It seems you are very proficient in writing crime scenes, and you knowledge of English language is supreme. Keep up the good work.

  2. May god give these type of people the greatest pain.. They can’t be called as human.. 😔😢

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