An Imaginary, Ethereal Bond.

Conundrums, enigmas, the worlds between us are filled with, are imaginary. I kept swimming in the ocean without shores where darkness engulfed me wholly, and with no ray of hope shimmering at any corner of eyes.

We meet at unexpected times, at impromptu moments, and those are the times where I felt as if I am at another home that comprises of us, forming a dodecahedron, a platonic solid bond, that never break but bends in an intricate way that let us be together.

They, we are the sound of our heartbeats, the enigmatic, uncanny force that keeps our heart pumped until this day. I keep swimming in those murky waters, realising that I could wade my way through this path. There was ground, and the sound of our hearts, being there only when we were living, when we were breathing, and forever more, acting as an amenity for life.

Nothing could separate us. Yes, there are plenty, but we have the promise, not so promising, we have the hope that we are always there for each other when we need each other. This dinner and supper acted as a catalyst, something that keeps life, humanity grows strong, generation by generation.

I saw us, we are at the same sea of stars, swimming aimlessly with the guide of Providence and the miraculously intertwined heartbeats, a sophisticated way of bonding. This is how humans roll into the new demarcation line of defining the purpose of life.

P.S. JUN 2017
dinner and supper with
农场伐木累 (famulei)

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