London Bridge Is Falling Down… So Is Humanity…

I am sad, devastated, only to know that my capability is to sit behind this screen and pray about the disaster that had devastated the world. A terrorist attack in an area is akin to dropping a bombshell, not only hurting the people physically, but everyone is the victim of this wretched world.

Why? Just why? Why do this extremist, terrorist exist in this world? Why is going on in their minds? Why do they enjoy killing? Does He taught us to kill people to eradicate, to free them from their iniquities and sin? Does the world work like that? Is life that meaningless to you, just plain killing? Blood bath everywhere? Why? Just give me a reason, terrorists, extremists.

I know you guys- terrorists and extremists, might have sworn to your ‘God’ that you are prepared to kill and to be killed for the betterment of the future, to execute ‘His’ plans to perfection, to wipe out all of us sinners, and to take over the world by force. These below, again, is for you terrorists, extremists, you are no different than the roaming beasts, inhumane, disdainful beings that lacking the gumption of life.

“Look! There’s a van ramming into people!” she pointed to the gleaming sets of headlights, becoming gradually bigger, and the screams from a distant was conspicuous.

Fear rushed into my veins as the van was into us, we ducked into a bench which was a superfluous move, we were petrified by the scene in front of us, a van ramming into multiple of people at once. We were useless, and crashed brutally by the extremist’s van.

I was pouring the whiskey into the glass for my customer, my eyes caught people were falling down at the entrance of my store, I surmised was that they were drunk. SHRIEKK!!!! ARGHHH!!! Just screams of agony promulgated my bar. Two ruby red knives shimmering in my dimly lit bar.

“GET OUT! SAVE YOURSELVES! THE BACK DOOR IS THERE!” I flung bottles after bottles into the duo with the knives, they were still chopping people down that of butter, they were deadpan, bloodthirsty, and evil. “FASTER! I CAN’T HOLD THEM OFF LONGER!” my arms were exhausted, so were the duo, one of them dropped to the ground as a table was thrown at him.

Another one rushed into my direction with the killing mode on, God! Help! I uttered a silent prayer, and flipped the whole counter to collapse on the terrorist, “I’m out.” I uttered under my breath as I marched out to see a bunch of police taking us into cover.

“Shot them down!” gun shots were fired, people were shot, we were eradicating the immediate danger that was falling upon the vicinity of London. Bullets flitted across us in the gun show down of death.

thud. thud. thud. thud. thud. thud. thud. Seven of us, fell to the armed terrorists. I stood alive with the squad, convoluted feelings about us shooting down the terrorists. Three of them for seven of us. I was scared, fear was in me, I thought I was in another world.

Enough Is Enough.

Please I am, the world is begging you, the extremists, the terrorists to stop all this nonsensical killings. If you repent, stop now, you might still stand a chance to carry out His perfect plans, if not you guys would end straight into the pit of nadir where He will put you in, your respective rightful places.

He never condone us to sin, never.




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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

15 thoughts on “London Bridge Is Falling Down… So Is Humanity…

  1. Good post. I wrote the opposite title in my 6 word story on London Bridge. Our thoughts are with the victims and those brace enough to fight them off. 👍🏽

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