Berpuasa, Fasting.

Waking up five in the morning, where the sun had not even kissed the horizon, not even shedding the limelight to the sky, I checked my phone nonchalantly after prying my eyes opened. Gotten up, brushed, washed, everything done. Why not fast for today? I challenged myself.

Why not? I set myself for the day of no food and no water with a simple breakfast, and a plentiful of water to kick start my day. I assumed that it would be easy to fast, it was not at all simple.

To fast is to refrain from eating, drinking, indulging in any form of addiction and temptation. I wondered how the Muslims got through this month with full honesty, commitment, and dedication.

I uttered a prayer before going to school, everything was totally normal during the first few hours, the natural move of drinking water was stopped voluntarily by my conscience where I still have it. I did not announce anything to my friends about my fasting plans, it really did help a lot

The philosophy behind not announcing your goals to the other people would give you the room to execute your determination wholly. If you would promulgate your goals to other people, you would have less susceptibility to achieve what you set in your goals.

During recess, the temptation was not huge, I was not as hungry as I thought, and not thirsty at all. It was just an ordinary recess where we hanged out in the canteen and chatted about football, happenings of the world, and anything related to our lives.

11:00, I looked at my friend’s watch, it’s not even half day yet… the class was tedious, my attention averted into a reverie where I had sunk into, a deluge of water was in my head, I’m thirsty. Staring in the watch did not help, I shifted my thoughts into something else, something other than the temptations.

14:00, 5 and a half hours left… Since I had told myself that I would fast, my body was acumen to set my gastric juice during my normal meal times, I did not feel hungry, I did not crave any food. water… My system was blurring out as I stepped into my mother’s car to reach my tuition that was half an hour away. how am I supposed to concentrate… water…

My head was spinning, “Yang, wake up! reach liao!” I was in the midst of a headache from hunger and thirst, “Oi! Get down lah!” I grunted and picked myself up.

The attitude that I portrayed was that of a five-year-old throwing tantrum, “okay.” I tried to suppress my convoluted thoughts. I got down of the car, managing myself to walk straight, and to climb one-story high, just to sit down to have a Maths tuition.

I did not even concentrate, the urge for water was strong, and my stomach kept growling. My head spaced in and out during the lesson, the sweets that the teacher had given me was a temptation, the people that were around me were drinking water like crazy because the day was scorching hot. My body language was gesturing me about the lack of water and food.

“Remember class, please do your homework.” I slipped out my phone to check the time 17:30, two more hours, yang, you can do it! The encouragement was a valiant effort to battle my hunger and thirst that was simultaneously firing at me. The temptation to take out my phone to play games was a temptation that I had to face all day, when the urge came, I pulled out a book instead of the phone, it was difficult and awkward for my cognition.

The ride back was long, the traffic was brutal in this vicinity (in any area of KL, it is the same) my mother, my two siblings and me were chatting the way off to the moment of breaking fast. Who knows these few hours could last that long, every seconds were just too slow, every minute, water… food… my head chanted.

It was perennial, but the clock was ticking down. The final hour of the fasting, I literally counted my way down, it was inane, I did it to convince my system that water and food was coming.  1 more hour… 45 more minutes… I glared into nothingness, I just followed my mum wherever she wanted to go, nodded to her opinions in assent, and my head was just off.

30 more grueling minutes… water… food…. Yang you are almost there… you are going to complete a day of fasting… water… food… water… just a sip… I saw my bottle of water that I brought to school was untouched at my feet, I was too tempted to take a sip, to relief my thirst, to violate the fast. no! Just. A. Few. More. Moments. Yang! I commanded my body.

It was a constant battle between my conscience and my body which was at its limit, 15 more minutes… water…. Just stop! Think of other things. I flipped over some pages of books to divert the last few minutes of the fast, casting myself into a deep thought about a particular subject.

1939, water gushed through my throat and the fast ended without any violation of any laws of fasting. hallelujah… no more for tomorrow… 

Salute to those who are fasting. You have my total respect, it is a tough experience yet valuable.

Ramadhan, Selamat Berpuasa!

P.S. Jun 2016
Fasting for A Day.

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17 thoughts on “Berpuasa, Fasting.

  1. wow great, you try to fasting, actually all muslim will experience like yours for the first time fasting.

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