Chained Parapet #1

The sun was blazing in the clusters of dark clouds hovering in the russet sky. My muscles were contracting, relaxing at a fast pace as I was running. I used a different route, a more challenging route to run, it was undulated, mostly tar-coated rails, and sparsely grown trees.

My breath was catching up to my pace, the lactic acid in my legs accumulated faster than I had expected. I did not stop, I still had breath. This was training, not stopping when my legs asked me to. I pushed my limits as I did on every training, I persisted, I ran until my body collapsed, this was how I trained.

As soon as the bridge connected to the clandestine area came into vision, a surge went through my bloodstream, prompting me to run into that area. The vicinity was not inhabited by a single soul, it was barren within a few mile radius, it would be absurd to run into the area without proper essentials, but the insatiable curiosity slunk into my thoughts.

A sagacious, uncouth voice rang  in my head, it was of my deceased mother, buzzing around in a wary tone. I slowed down my pace as her voice was exasperating my mindset, letting the voice spoke, the incessant flow of warning flooded me, I sunk into those words of advice, and the begotten story of this forgone land of charred ground.

sorry for the lack of series lately, I have been procrastinating, and now the procrastination has ended, enjoy the pieces that will be uploaded every tuesday and saturday at 0331 (Malaysian time). Have hope!

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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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