First Time…

It was a fortnight before I went for my trip to China, I need someone to manage my blog. Just doing some easy posting, tagging and commenting. The first name that came into my mind was Jon. She is quite deft and acumen in this field, so naturally she became my first pick.

“Jon, can you manage my blog?”

“Yes.” crisp and simple, “How to do…?”

“Weekend you free?”


“Wait for me at the KTM, we will go somewhere and discuss.”

The conversation was carried out over the phone, I never had something that went so smoothly, previously it was rejections after rejections, then I had to do all the things all by myself.

We went to NU central, done some catch up with each other, we chatted mostly about college. Most of the train rides, she was peeled to her phone, I did not really care but I did not really like it, so I broke some conversations with her, making the atmosphere not so dull.

When we reached our destination, we watched Pirates of Carribean, I really like Johnny Depp, and this was my first time watching this movie, it was a good thriller, the chasing, the fights were built up perfectly, and she kept complimenting about the movie, I went with the flow because it was really good.

The movie ended, and it was time for me to brief her about the things that needed to be done during the time when I was gone. She caught everything swiftly.

We talked about blogging, mostly I was the one who did the talking. Done with my talking, we went back to the KTM where we met, we left and bade each other goodbye. I am really grateful to have a friend like this.

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      1. Just some words about it, when I’m​ off I like to post with the phone app… I also get used to post without images, it’s easier to post anywhere

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