Chained Parapet #2

I was young, of toddler age, but could sprint as fast as a young lad would. My brother was hiding in the bushes behind the yard, we were playing hide-and-seek, I was the seeker, and he was to hide. We frolicked as we found each other. The cycle was repeated, we were energy-filled little monsters, our stamina never ran dry.

“Come ‘ere! Come!” my brother jolted to a bush over a yonder. “Johnny! Come! Quick!” he was very excited.

I was sitting at a mud place, making mud balls, “Yay! I’m coming, Dave!” I sprinted to him, a blurry apparition of a haunted mansion appeared in my vision. I was petrified, wanted to call out to my mother.

Dave caught my hand abruptly, made a sibilant shush, “Ain’t it cool? Want to go nearer to see?” his insatiable curiosity tinged his tone. I shook my head in remonstrance. “Come on, don’t be a sissy, Johnny boy! Just a walk and we will be back before mum called us for dinner.” he spoke in his dexterous voice, he was up to nothing good. Dave pulled my hand with a great force, I had to follow him involuntarily into the depths of a cat adventure where only beings with nine lives were capable of risking this excursion.

As we approach the haunted building, the facade of it was glowing intermittently with ghastly flashes draped in the sombre darkness, we stopped as we came to a bridge, an ancient wooden bridge with rusted chained parapet. It looked highly unstable, “Let’s head home, Dave…” my voice was shaky, he ignored me, I gave him a nudge.

“We came so far… Why should we turn back?” He turned to me, “You want to waste all of our efforts?” he stared into my eyes fiercely, I attempted to run, he grasped my wrist tightly.

“What do you want from me? Let. Me. Go!” I grunted, struggled to get his metal grip off me but to no avail.

He started to march forwards, dragging me along, I was turning here and there, the bridge was creaking violently, “The bridge is going to give way.” he warned me sternly. I had to obey him.

creak. creak. creak. I was worried about Dave and the bridge. When he got into this mode- the hunger for adventure mode, previously he made me jump off a cliff, we both got injured, not very serious. What’s he doing now may cause us our lives, trespassing into uncharted lands. My mind was anxious, scared.

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