I must… take… him… out…! Mustering all the strength in my physique, learning that my enemy was just inches from death. He was partially dead, laying helplessly in front of me. I grabbed the ground for support in order to pull myself to him, an arm after an arm, pulling myself closer for vengeance that consumed me wholly.

“Don’t…” her voice was trembling, she gripped the hem of my trousers that were scorched after the blast, it was miraculous that the three of us survived after the devastation. My vision shifted to her, looking down to her from an angle that portrayed her beseeching self, imploring with her very soul, her image was given as if she was on her knees and her head stuck to the ground.

Rage, vengeance kicked her away. “NO!” her shrill shook the vicinity of charred grounds, giving me the slight picture of the throes before death. I choked on some of the abominable malodorous plumes of smoke, playing Fabian’s tactics with me, gradually depleting my oxygen supply.

Impaired movements, blurred vision, my heart was still livid, desiring to kill. I got to the back of the wretched miscreant. “Don’t let vengeance consume you!” she shouted her lungs out, quivering with the tone of pleading. “If you killed him, the killing would never end, you will turn into a killer, just like my father.” her words rang the bell in my heart, shedding some light into the darkness that engulfed me.

The bloodied knife reflecting the gore of sin, the iniquities of humans that was to murder because of some infuriating matters churning up the darkness that resided within us. Her words were the thread of hope, I became stationary. Silence, charred grounds, three dying persons, nothing but ashes that flitted across us, and the dancing igneous fires wreathing us.

I summoned every last ounce of energy, plunging the knife, into thin air, cancelling my thoughts of killing. Unconsciousness hit me like a truck, I slumped unto him, the wretched miscreant, “forgiven…” uttering under my breath, smiling into darkness, gripping the thread of hope that saved me from committing a cardinal sin.

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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

12 thoughts on “Consumed

  1. Wow, I love how you captured the carnage that vengeance brings to a person and how it can be broken with clarity. Beautiful writing technique that captures the reader! I am inspired by your words of creation! Thank you!

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